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Updated: March 4, 2005

Agents Must Provide 'Minimum' Services
The competition for your business has become even more furious in recent years, with real estate companies offering various levels of service for the plethora of customer/client types out there. FULL STORY->

Giving Title Companies Only Their Due
The title industry is under scrutiny again -- for at least the third time in the last half decade -- and that underscores the diligence necessary from consumers who don't want to pay more for title services than necessary. FULL STORY->

Shopping For Clients? Know Where The Shopping Is
Knowing the neighborhood involves having more knowledge than just the number of bedrooms on the property, you also need to know where buyers can find the stuff to fill those rooms. FULL STORY->

Seattle Home Sales Heating Up
Realtors in Seattle are reporting rising home sales as buyers head into prime homebuying season. FULL STORY->

Amtrak Must Be Saved
Wherever you decide to buy a home, having reliable mass transit can mean the difference between being connected or being relatively isolated. The White House proposal to gut Amtrak will mean increased isolation for many. Stuart Lieberman explains why that is a real bad idea. FULL STORY->

West Virginia Realtors Report Good Housing Market Statewide
West Virginia Realtors in Wood, Berkeley, Hampshire, Hardy, Mineral and Grant Counties say real estate sales are consistently good. FULL STORY->

IRS Tracking Down Swindlers
Among the numerous federal, state, and local agencies in the hunt for mortgage and real estate swindlers is the Internal Revenue Service, which is using tax avoidance to nab housing's bad guys. Lew Sichelman has the details. FULL STORY->

Second Homes: One Third Of Housing Market
Investment properties are the driving force behind the nation's second home market which, at one third of the nation's entire housing stock and one third of all home sales, is a major force in the overall housing market. FULL STORY->

Barkdust: An HOA's Friend
Homeowner associations generally have extensive landscaping to maintain which includes planting beds. Part of every planting bed should include an element of barkdust, barkchips, or barkmulch. FULL STORY->

Title Companies Investigated -- Again
For the third time in the past half decade, title insurance companies are under the investigative microscope, this time for alleged kick back fees the industry says are actually legal costs associated with sharing the risk of title insurance. FULL STORY->

RRSPs: Tax Advantage Or Tax Burden?
Some Canadians choose not to invest in RRSPs because they see them as a tax burden, not a tax advantage. PJ Wade presents another view of investing that favours real estate ownership. FULL STORY->

Right Math, Debatable Conclusions
Does it make any sense for real estate brokers to push lowball offers for seller clients? Some economists say it does, Peter G. Miller says it doesn't. FULL STORY->

Germantown, Elite Memphis Suburb Continues Tradition
Germantown is an upscale suburb of Memphis, Tennessee, where local Realtors report the area is still a big draw for the elite. FULL STORY->

IRS Says Real Estate Tax Fraud Criminal Investigations Doubled In The Past Three Years, Prison Sentences Nearly Doubled.
A new report from the IRS says real estate fraudsters increasingly are facing Al Capone's fate: They end up in a federal penitentiary when their ill-gotten gains go unreported to tax collectors. The IRS's criminal case load in real estate fraud doubled in the past three years, it says, and its average prison sentences for convicted perpetrators jumped to 41 months. Ken Harney reports. FULL STORY->

Indianapolis Revs Housing Engine
After idling for a couple of years, the Indianapolis housing market is ready to race around the track again, with local Realtors reporting signs of the gas pedal being hit. FULL STORY->

Housing Counsel: Amending Community Association Documents Is Not Always Easy
Yes, it is difficult -- but not impossible -- to amend your legal documents. It takes time, a lot of work, and dedicated owners who are willing to canvas and lobby the owners on the merits of the proposed amendment. FULL STORY->

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